Re—gained is a social design label that creates value from high-quality waste materials. It generates impact by converting surplus materials into timeless quality products through the design skills of  renowned designers and linking them to a selection of Dutch social production houses.

Re—gained is based on the conviction that the waste of raw materials must be radicall reduced in order to arrive to a circular economy. Reducing consumption and avoiding waste is paramount. Where this is not possible, the reuse of materials can be a solution.


Re—gained was founded in 2021 by Popma ter Steege Architecten (PTSA) and buro bordo, who previously jointly helped set up 'Circulair Warenhuis', with which they won a Dutch Design Award in 2021. InRe—gained they combine their knowledge and experience in the field of circular design (PTSA) and art & design (buro bordo) and bring this together with their shared love for old materials and techniques.