Re—gained x PTSA x UvA

The Stabilux shelving unit is a classic. Designed in 1955 by Friso Kramer for Ahrend, it was produced in large numbers and used as a bookcase in libraries.

This was also the case at the libraries of the University of Amsterdam (UvA). The cabinets are now offered on the market in huge numbers. Libraries are being automated. Despite their good design, the cupboards appear to have become superfluous and there is less and less need for open bookcases (also among private individuals).

Commissioned by the UvA, Popma ter Steege Architects (PTSA) in collaboration with Re—gained has carried out design experiments to find out what can be made with the components of the shelving units.

The design for the modular standing table, remains closest to Kramer's original modular design. The UvA will use this standing table to furnish study areas in its libraries from the end of 2023. One 60 x 100 cm standing table model can be made from one cabinet module. The tabletops also come from residual flows from the UvA.

The prototype of this standing table will be shown at the Dutch Design Week 23 at Atelier NL.

About PTSA
Popma ter Steege Architects (PTSA) view the pressing challenges facing the world as an inseparable part of their work. Design-wise, the PTSA investigates the new aesthetics of circular building. In recent years, they have worked on various progressive tasks. From energy-neutral renovation to a circular product label. With their Nucleus Building, they won the 2019 Rhineland Architecture Prize. After winning the National Steel Award, PTSA has now won the European Steel Design Award 2023 for their design BioPartner 5 Leiden.

About UvA
The University of Amsterdam (UvA) is ambitious, creative and committed. An inspiration to students since 1632, a vanguard player in international science and a partner in innovation.

Since 1632, the UvA has grown into one of the leading universities across the entire breadth of alpha, gamma, beta and medical sciences. At various locations in Amsterdam, 6,000 staff and 3,000 PhD students and 40,000 students work and study together.

The UvA wants to lead the way in promoting sustainability through education and research, because students and scientists have the potential to shape the future. We also believe it is important to become more sustainable as an organisation too. Therefore, we are working to reduce our ecological footprint by 25% over the next five years.