Re—gained x Simone Post x Sparo

Warp & weft (working title) is a carpet product that Re—gained helped develop for Sparo carpet, which takes in, processes and markets used carpet. Studio Simone Post provided the design that uses pattern and colour to give a completely new look and cohesion to the old carpets. This transforms a varying range of used material into a recognisable solid product.

In addition, the design increases the reuse percentage of the returned tiles compared to direct reuse, by solving common bottlenecks. For instance, uneven discolouration and variation in wear make reclaimed tiles difficult to re-lay into a continuous carpet. There is also little outlet for cut tiles, a lot of wastage due to partly soiled tiles and small residual batches are often left over.  

Warp & weft solves these problems by cutting tiles and reassembling them into a 'weaving pattern' of smaller tiles and strips. By selectively combining types of tiles, within fixed colour palettes, a carpet can be composed from various small batches, creating a rich, varied and unique image.

For this project, Re—gained organised the design process and linked client and designer.

This project will be on show at Dutch Design Week 2023, within the exhibition The Product Chronicles from 21 - 29 October, at the Bergmann church, Eindhoven. 

About Studio Simone Post
Simone Post (*1990, Utrecht, the Netherlands) is a multidisciplinary designer with roots in textiles, based in Rotterdam. She graduated from the Design Academy Eindhoven with honors in 2015 and has won numerous national and international awards. Post’s work delves deep into color, surface, and print. Her works breath colour and optimism but at the same time are always asking substantive questions.

For Simone the finished product is not necessarily the most interesting aspect of the design process. She has a penchant for the process itself, experimenting to discover the hidden potential of materials and techniques. Seeing the act of play as the essence of all. This always results in surprising outcomes exceeding the boundaries of materials, craftsmen and manufactures. Her focus is on bold and unexpected usages of materials, striving to preserve crafts and nurture sustainability.

About Sparo Tapijttegels
Sparo Tapijttegels is the wholesaler for used carpet tiles in the Netherlands. It’s a company that specializes in the sales of uses and b-choice carpet tiles, which are new tiles that may present production and/or weaving errors. Sparo also collects carpet with production defects, preventing a waste stream of slightly imperfect carpet, Each lot of carpet tiles is carefully sorted according to type and available quantity and they are provided with a stamp with a quality class.