About Regained

Re—gained was founded in 2021 by buro bordo and Popma ter Steege Architects (PTSA) to build on the experience of their award winning project 'Circulair Warenhuis'. Based on the waste materials from a large recycling shop, they helped to develop a new social enterprise and create their first collection of products and production lines. The success of applying design thinking, prototyping and storytelling made them realize they could truly help boost the circular economy with this method.

By 2023 Re—gained is a foundation that activity helps developing circular design. As a label they initiate design research, set up collaborations, promote their projects and partners and most of all grow an alliance of likeminded people.  

We are always open to discuss possible new projects or interesting waste flows that can be developed into an interesting new collaboration.

Feel free to contact Jessica Voorwinde at info@regained.nl.