The Re—gained Lounge Chair 01 is the first product resulting from a collaboration between Regained and Weved, an initiative of artist Claudy Jongstra. This timeless piece of furniture is a tactile, elegant and comfortable folding chair for both terrace and living room. Composed of recycled hardwood from construction waste and unused Dutch wool, the chair tells a powerful story about the potential of the surplus of our current industry.

Weved is an initiative of artist and designer Claudy Jongstra and Stefan Koper with which they draw attention to Dutch wool. At this moment the wool of most Dutch sheep herds is destroyed, while it is a great natural material with fantastic qualities.

Weved developed a sturdy fabric from Drenthe heath sheep. Since there is no longer a wool industry in the Netherlands, the wool is processed and dyed with natural dyes in collaboration with Studio Claudy Jongstra, spun in Ireland and then woven into a beautiful quality fabric with the Enschede artisan weaving mill Ter Kuile. Weved is therefore not only an initiative to reintroduce Dutch woolen textiles, but also to bring the crafts around them back to life, and to contribute to biodiversity in the landscape by cultivating biodynamic dye plants.

The chair is produced in collaboration with DZB Leiden and Boro Atelier in Amsterdam.